Howdy, I'm Phoebe, but if you already know a Phoebe; Bea, Delphine, and Seshat also work. Some know me as guillotinedeath, others as gundere, but many know me by dilfgirl. Whatever you know me by, I'm just the same person! As of the time, I'm currently 14, turning 15 this July 22! Although I would like to be referred to as "your highness" at all times, I use she/her pronouns. I'm currently living in the US, but I am of Moroccan (Berber) and Filipina descent, regretfully, I can speak neither Arabic nor Tagalog, but I hope to start learning as soon as possible. I've been learning French in an academic setting for 4 years, but I can't keep up a conversation for long and I'm clueless to most slang. I would like to believe I am a bit humurous, just a tad bit quick-witted, uproarius and hilarious, even. I love LOVE talking to people, so don't be afraid to message me on Discord at dilfgirl#3234.

I don't really have a DNI policy because if somebody is actively preaching about breaches of human rights, what's stopping them from talking to me other than a section in my Danganronpa themed glitchcore carrd that's supposed to act as an internet shield, but in reality, does nothing to block these people from interacting with me. However, if I think you're weird I'll just block you.

I make kys/kms jokes a lot, and I tend to joke about my race (whenever it's topic appropriate). If I'm ever making you uncomfortable, please let me know! I also tend to unfollow/softblock people if I don't feel comfortable talking to them (usually for personal reasons, it doesn't mean I think you're a shitty person). I also acknowledge that some of the media I consume is inherently problematic, and I am critical of the implications that are present in the work (Mainly AOT & Okegom. For AOT, I'm not an active enjoyer. On the other hand, Okegom is one of my biggest interests, so please bear that in mind)

I fucking love coding so this site will keep updating forever and it'll always be a work in progress.