A really fun playthrough! I'm planning to delve into the deeper part of it at a later time. But on surface level, it was so cool to see some of my favorite hip hop artists moefied. The "grindy" parts didn't feel very tiring, and I wish we got to catch rappers like Pokemon. However, I enjoyed the "Gym Leader"-esque role that 2pac, RZA, and DOOM had, but I personally felt that their fights weren't very challenging. The final fight difficulty was skewed harder than I thought it would be, but it was nice to struggle in order to come out on top.


[2/8/22-2/21/22 (PAUSED)-5/6/22 (RESUMED)-5/29/22]

Phew *I comically wipe a bead of sweat from my forehead*. This one took a while to get through, but it was a game that I enjoyed immersing myself into. While playing, I would periodically be hit with a sense of nausea and lostness, which I've never experience before when playing a game (and also caused me to stop playing for a while. Despite having such a simple premise, Yume Nikki really sucked me in. It really does live up to it's name as a progenitor indie game.

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[STARTED 6/28/22]

Touhoubound is a fangame, and as it suggests it's a crossover between the Earthbound universe and Touhou Project. For once in Gensokyo, our protagonists Reimu and Marisa find themselves bored. To cure their temporary languor, they visit Yuka who's harassed being harassed by Cirno. Promptly after Cirno's defeat, a meteor comes crashing down containing a boy from another world...

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  • okegom series
  • flesh blood and concrete
  • FNAF series
  • 1 bit heart
  • the letter [visual novel]
  • LSD dream emulator
  • petscop
  • hylics
  • lomando
  • IB
  • serial experiments gaim (ps lain game)
  • kraven manor
  • needy streamer overload
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